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Why should I bring the ES2TEAM Empowerment program to our school (for administrators, PTA)?

Schools across the United States are attempting to address the needs of their gifted students and students with special needs. With much of the focus revolving around the Core Curriculum, there is an unintended gap in programs that address the social-emotional development of our children with special needs and talents of gifted children.  All students need to feel socially and emotionally confident and mentally stimulated to achieve academic success.  Many experts including Dr. Michelle A. Dunn, Director at Montefiore-Einstein Center for Autism and Communications Disorders, believe children need substantially more social skills training than that which is offered in traditional public schools.  There is clearly a need for more programs that support “experiential learning” and address the social-emotional development of children who are differently abled.   Our ES2TEAM Empowerment Program can be customized to address the needs of your students.

Why should I enroll my child (for parents)?

In most programs there are a spectrum of abilities and challenges. It is important to ensure that each student is challenged at their own level.  We work with highly trained, qualified professionals. Our classes have a high teacher to student ratio, therefore, we are more equipped to address the specialized needs of each child.  Parents and teachers will become partners helping us set individualized goals for the children.  Goals will be assessed and monitored though-out the classes to ensure each child’s progress and success.